Whose Truth Is This Anyway?

I seem to have more patience for my clients than the people in my life. It’s a struggle I’m working on. I know it’s important to meet clients where they are. We want them to see what we see. We want them to make the changes necessary to improve their lives. We definitely want to see them make progress and most clients do, though it’s always at their own pace. I rarely have issues with my clients in that way.

As I said, I have less patience for the people in my life. I suppose for one thing, we have more wrapped up in the people in our lives. These are people we spend more than 50 minutes a week with and we’re emotionally attached to them. Of course these interactions will have more of an effect on us! It’s like we have this need for people to see the truth. Our truth.

I absolutely believe there can be no growth without seeing the truth. However, I’ve come to realize lately that everyone has their own truth. That truth can change over time through awareness and acceptance but it takes time. In any given moment we will cling to our truth as if letting go of it would mean certain death. Once we gain awareness and accept ourselves, we can’t help but wonder why we clung to it at all.

We see this all the time between partners. Both are steadfast in their position. Both believe that one has to be right and the other has to be wrong. There’s always a whole lot of, “You did this” or “You said that.” It doesn’t really matter who did what or who said what. They’re both right in their own experience but they just can’t see one another’s truth. They can’t see the underlying disconnect, which is really what shapes their truth.

So the answer to, “Whose truth is this anyway?” It’s yours and it’s mine and it swirls around us, threatening to destroy everything in its wake. It forces us to go underground. We’re hiding out in the basement, just beneath conscious awareness because the emotions swirling around in that tornado threaten to sweep everything we believe about ourselves away. That’s why we cling to our truth.

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